Exercise Trends Worth Following

By: Jenna Davidson

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How many Instagram and Facebook ads (disregarding the beautiful ones from Results Driven of course) do you see in a day?

And since data sharing and cookies exist, how many of those are related to fitness, nutrition or lifestyle things? Probably a lot, right?

So how do you sort out the good from the bad and the bad from the ugly in terms of exercise trends?


Here are our favorite fitness trends:

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A game changer for sure. One of the wonderful advantages to using an ultimate sandbag (USB) is that the bag has a life of it’s own. The USB helps give feedback on your movement. For example: when trying an explosive deadlift for the first time--how do you know if you’re being “explosive” enough? Well, the USB tells you… the webbing on the handles will move when you get the proper drive through the floor for that explosive hip extension. On another note, building and maintaining real world strength is a key concept for us folks at Results Driven, and the ultimate sandbag is a great tool for that. Outside of the gym, things move and bend and change. So why wouldn’t you use an implement inside of the gym that mimics that? So start training with an ultimate sandbag! You won’t be sorry!

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Another great weapon of choice for keeping it practical when you workout. The lever bell’s weight is offset. It has one side that’s heavier and one that’s lighter. Think of when you’re carrying that awkward 5 gallon jug of water… there’s the heavy side and the weird spout side, right? FYI, we’re not advising you to play with a water jug the way you would a lever bell, but hopefully you get the point. Oh, and using a lever bell also gives you total badass points.

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An active recovery favorite of ours. And again, totally badass implements to play with. Indian clubs are good if you have a difficult time doing “nothing” in between sets, want to train a smooth breath during a movement or like a good brain workout.


It can be difficult to weed out what’s worth following on social media and read into on the internet, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Check out our faves, you won’t regret it!


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