The Easiest Mindful Eating Tips (That You Can Try Today!)

By: Jenna Davidson

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Wait staff brings food out…
You “ooh” and “ahh” for 5 seconds…
Scarf meal down…
20 minutes goes by and everyone else is still eating…

Sound familiar? 

If that scenario sounds specific to you, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with eating too quickly, not being present while eating or feel stressed during meals.

Mindful eating wouldn’t matter if portion control wasn’t a huge problem for a lot of people.

Here’s what happens:

  1. You eat way too fast

  2. Your brain hasn’t caught up to your body yet

  3. You think you’re still hungry

  4. So you eat more

  5. Then you feel way too full

  6. And feel hungry again 30 minutes later

So how do you realize if you’re eating too much?


Check out these 3 mindful eating tips:

Numero uno, always! It’s likely you aren’t calming your nervous system down enough to be in “rest and digest” mode if you’re not breathing before, during and even after a meal.

Try taking several deep breaths before you put any food in your mouth and say “woosah” (just kidding, that’s not really necessary).

Your olfactory nerve is directly connected to your sense of taste. With that being said, chronic sinus issues or lack of nose-breathing (hopefully no one’s called you a mouth-breather), can alter the taste of your food.

Try using a Netti Pot or sinus spray so you can smell again! From there, get your nose close to your plate and inhale a big whiff before starting to chow down.

You’ve got deadlines, the 6 schedules for your 3 kids (how’s that math go?) and dinner to make almost every night. So. You’re stressed. And eating meals on-the-go or over the kitchen sink. What would it be like if you made the time for yourself to actually sit in your dining room or another comfortable spot and ate? 

Start with 1 meal a day in a relaxed setting and work your way up to 2 or even 3. A relaxed setting can mean away from your desk or in a park on your break, on your front porch or out in a nice restaurant with friends.


Fast eating syndrome (not a real thing) is difficult to overcome. Starting slowly and adding one thing at a time can ensure that these habits actually stick in the long run. Try not to get discouraged if you catch yourself going back to your old ways. You’ll self-correct sooner and sooner each time.

Happy eating!


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