Is There a Diet That's Right for You?

Is There a Diet That's Right for You?

By: Jenna Davidson

“I’ve heard keto is best to lose weight.”
“Intermittent fasting changed my life!”
“I read in this article that people aren’t designed to eat processed grains.”

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of information on food and diet these days. The internet expands daily with vast opinions, research and different schools of thought.

So yeah, it’s understandable to be a little confused on what to do in order to have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.


Is There a Diet That’s Right for You?


What would it be like for you to not subscribe to any one school of thought or diet? Precision Nutrition calls this being a “nutritional agnostic”. Maybe you’ve tried the high-fat thing in the past, but for whatever reason right now it’s just not working. Maybe it’s even making you backtrack. If the keto diet was for everyone, then why is it that some people who cut out carbs feel like crap and don’t lose any weight? How is it that some who try intermittent fasting fall hard and see no difference? Do those who choose not to eat animal proteins have tough time with dropping fat?


First you need to decide what good nutrition is to you...


Good nutrition isn’t black and white. And everyone has a different idea of what good nutrition is. Some think that eating all veggies and little animal proteins is healthy, while others believe that eating anything green equals poor nutrition. You have to disregard what’s “in” right now and think about what good nutrition means to you. Is it low-carb, high-fat? Does it mean go organic? Is good nutrition plant-based, animal-based or a combination?

Precision Nutrition’s Criteria of All Good Nutrition Plans: (1)

  1. Good nutrition properly controls energy balance

  2. Good nutrition provides nutrient density

  3. Good nutrition achieves health, body composition and performance goals

  4. Good nutrition is honest and outcome-based

  5. Good nutrition is sustainable for both us and the planet


The second focus is well, nutrition itself…


A lot of nutrition camps seem contradictory. But most diets are more similar than you think.

They Mainly Focus On: (2)

  1. Nutrition awareness and nutrition - Caring about what/how you eat

  2. Food quality - Leaving out processed foods from your diet

  3. Elimination of nutrient deficiencies - Eating whole, nutrient dense foods

  4. Appetite and food control - Tuning into hunger and fullness cues

  5. Regular exercise - Pairing healthy eating with moving often


Ultimately, if you’re looking to do a diet or something similar, the best choice is one that works for you right now. Long-term results come from changing your lifestyle. Adding healthy habits like eating nutrient dense foods and subtracting the not-so healthy ones like overeating. It’s all about what is sustainable. Can the fad diet you’re trying last forever? Will it do any damage if it’s an ongoing thing? Will you get sick? Or will you feel deprived and give up?

What’s the moral of the story? Learning to build a strong foundation of healthy habits will get you further than starting something new and stopping just as fast. Find what works and what makes you feel good and stick to it as long as it’s making you better!



1. Berardi, John M. “Paleo, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting... Here's How to Choose the Absolute Best Diet for You.” Precision Nutrition, 15 Mar. 2019,

2. “Good Nutrition Defined.” Precision Nutrition, by John M. Berardi & Ryan Andrews, Second ed., Precision Nutrition, Inc., 2012, p. 11.

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