Core Exercises that Actually Work

Core Exercises that Actually Work

By: Jenna Davidson

As fitness professionals, we hear this a lot…

“I wanna do something for my core.”

“I think my core is weak and that’s why _______ is happening.”

“Am I supposed to feel my core in this exercise?”

None of these questions are wrong. They’re just difficult to answer because that “core” feeling is different for everyone. A lot of folks think that if they feel a move in the abdominal area, they’re doing a core move. Others feel shoulders or glutes or quads in that same core move. Again, it’s all relative.

What is the “core” anyways? We look at the core as the column between your ears and knees. Or, your shoulders and hips and everything else in between.

Think of training the core muscles as moving the limbs around a stable spine (remember that column).


So if you’re trying to get a stronger core, try these badass moves!

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  1. Grab a kettlebell or sandbag and hold it like an old-fashioned suitcase

  2. Carry your weight as slowly as you can while keeping your height and breath

  3. Try to get a smooth step on each side

  4. Repeat on the second side

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  1. Start on your back, holding a sandbag you’re comfortable with over your chest

  2. Rip the handles apart

  3. Extend one leg at a time toward the ceiling

  4. Keeping the tension on the bag, lower one or both legs slow, ensuring you’re keeping a good spine/pelvis position

  5. Repeat until you lose the breath or position

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  1. Begin in quadruped with a valslide (or towels, paper plates, etc) under each foot

  2. Grip the ground with your hands

  3. Extend both legs to a plank position

  4. Slowly drive both legs in, making sure to keep a good hand connection with the ground

  5. Repeat until very sad

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  1. Same idea as the suitcase carry! This time, start with a sandbag over one shoulder

  2. Find some lat connection by gripping the bag and driving your elbows down

  3. Try to keep your height and a smooth step as you walk

  4. Repeat on the other side


Enjoy kicking your own butt and actually creating a more solid core!

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