Improving Your Body Composition: Is It Worth It?

What Are the Benefits and Tradeoffs of Changing Your Body Composition?

By: Jenna Davidson

Ever wonder what that muscled person did to get six-pack abs? Did they sell their soul or their Kia to pay for a personal chef? And what’s their daily life like? Do they have trouble around food or at social events?

Typically, you see someone who’s “fit” and think, “Well, they must have it easy!”

That couldn’t be further from the truth…

Getting to a lower body fat percentage (toned/ripped/washboard abs--you get the point) has definite benefits but it also has a bunch of tradeoffs.


So… More of This:

  1. Increased energy levels

  2. Easier time working out (exercise is more enjoyable)

  3. Better overall health

  4. Reduction of certain medications

  5. More fit appearance (toned look)

  6. Higher work capacity


= More of That:

  1. Extra planning (food, exercise, social events, etc)

  2. Social anxiety (sacrificing social events that are revolved around food)

  3. Loss of friendships (need for a strong support system)

  4. Increase of commitment/discipline

  5. Larger focus on fitness and nutrition (see next point)

  6. Less time to enjoy hobbies


There’s a point when the end just doesn’t justify the means (no judgement for those with less body fat). If you want to drop body fat and know what you have to give up, feel good about it and stay healthy, go for it! But if you find yourself hyper focused on diet and exercise, missing out on important events and depriving yourself, maybe reevaluate your plan.

The closer you get to being on your nutrition plan 90-100% of the time, the more you’ll need to give up. If you’re surging throughout different parts of the year to lose fat or gain muscle, that’s one thing. But typically dropping body fat can’t last forever (because you’d go crazy or become ill). Remember, if you’re looking for sustained long-term results, diets and meal plans usually aren’t the way to go. It’s all about implementing healthy lifestyle changes… saying yes more often to the good stuff and no more often to the bad stuff

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