The Best Back-to-School Snacks

By: Jenna Davidson

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Your kids are your first priority… but they’ve been with you for the entire summer and now they have a new schedule for school.

Waking them up on time, then to the bus, after-school activities, then off of the bus, homework, dinner, do I have to go on!? It’s exhausting!

It’s easy to let your self-care fall by the waist side when you have more than one person to take care of.

Making sure to eat when you’re hungry can be a major part of learning better nutrition habits.

Check out the list below of RD’s favorite go-to snacks!

  1. Hard-boiled eggs

  2. Veggies and hummus

  3. Protein shake/smoothie

  4. Piece of fruit with nut butter

  5. Cottage cheese with fruit

  6. Yogurt with granola and fruit

  7. Homemade protein bar*

  8. Homemade trail mix

  9. Mason jar salad*

  10. Leftovers

The first month of school is a difficult time of year to navigate for a lot of parents. You’ll feel much better if you can pick one or two items from the list above, throw them into your backpack or purse and be uber prepared when that out-of-nowhere hunger hits!

*Protein bar recipe -

*Mason jar salad recipe -


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