How to Create New Year’s Fitness Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

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Here’s the bad news: You’re holding yourself back. And the good news: You have the power to fix it.

Of course there are times when outside events keep you out for the count. But do you ever hear yourself say “I’ll wait until next year.” Or “I promise I’ll join a gym after the holidays.” And “I’m not really ready to make changes to my diet yet!” It’s okay if you have. We all do. Part of the human experience is fighting growth. It’s itchy and uncomfortable

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Goals mean you’re growing. They give you something to strive for, look forward to and work on. Setting and keeping goals is a healthy practice. Check out the tips below for help!

Here’s How to Make and Create Long Lasting New Year’s Goals:

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  1. Find Out What’s Holding You Back - Is it your schedule? Do you feel self conscious working out around other people? Does pain keep you from moving? Figuring out where you’re falling short is really difficult. But once you’re more self-aware, you can ask for help. A perfect segue for our next tip…

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2. Don’t Go it Alone - It’s hard enough to make drastic lifestyle changes, but doing it stag is basically impossible! Spread the word to family and friends. Set up an account on social media. Do whatever you have to in order to keep your head in the game.

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3. Make Sure Your Goals are Measurable - Simply put, objective measurements are markers for change. It’s good to keep track of how you feel but having data that shows the facts is equally as important. A prime example is someone who wants to lose weight. If they feel better in their clothing, that’s definitely a win. But if they can look at an accurate scale that measures the percentages of body fat, lean muscle mass and water, they can see where they need to go from there.

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4. Keep Your Goals Realistic - “Right now I’m deadlifting 95lbs and I want to deadlift 600lbs by January 31st.” Mmm, not going to happen. Don’t let your ego get in the way of making true progress. Injury, overtraining and a slew of other problems crop up when you go too hard, too fast. Instead, talk things out with a coach or fitness professional to create a safe and achievable goal for yourself.

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5. Give Yourself a Timeline - When do you want to see your goal reached? Again, make sure it’s realistic for your schedule and body to handle, then get after it!

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6. Make Yourself Accountable - This of course ties in with point number 2. It’s great to let people know what you want to do, but having someone there at your side the whole way is a big help. Find a workout buddy, befriend a person who enjoys healthy eating and cooking and stick to those who are like-minded. You’re only as successful as those you surround yourself with.

Whether you wish to lose a few pounds or need to change the food you eat, it doesn’t have to wait until next year. You have what it takes to succeed. With help from a support system, professionals and good goal setting skills, you will achieve whatever you want.

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