Rewind Wednesday: Week of July 10,2017

When a week ends with a "Warrior Cry," you know it was a good one!

Last week Sue crushed Monday's Small Group, Tuesday was filled with laughs, Donna squatted on Wednesday and the list goes ON! 

Watch to see what happened last week!

Content of the Week:
Humans of Results Driven - Emma's Story

"So a toy that my daughter got, she literally looked at it for 4 seconds. Now it’s in the corner and she rather play outside with rocks. I’m taking her mindset as to what enjoying life is really about."

Emma has adopted a new approach to life since having her first daughter, transitioning away from the material and focusing her energy on living more simply.

Check out Emma's story in last week's Humans of Results Driven.

Throwback Article:
5 Core Moves You're Not Doing

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