All the squats

Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.
— Michael Jordan

When it comes to basic human movement, the fundamentals are squat, hinge, push, pull, loaded carries, and everything else (groundwork, locomotion, etc.)

At Results Driven, everyone works on all of these patterns. They are the fundamental movement patterns that raise the level of everything. In the beginning, some people have pain with certain movements, or have a lack of mobility and/or stability that prevent them from doing the movement properly. That doesn’t mean they’re doomed. It also doesn’t mean we try to force a square peg in a round hole. Everyone is either working on getting strong in these fundamental human movements or working on drills that will help them perform the movement properly, while gaining fitness with other exercises.


This picture shows 4 different versions of squat. Starting from the left to right:

Goblet squat with curl: This drill helps teach the student to maintain a tall spine and potentially get deeper into the hips.

Goblet split squat: A great squat variation that allows the student to improve lower body strength asymmetries and an entry point for building lower body strength when mobility or stability deficits may not allow for squatting.

Goblet squat: The starting point for most people with loaded squatting. A great drill that teaches squatting mechanics without a ton of coaching.

Rear foot elevated split squat: Can be progression from the split squat or a substitution that is used when people cannot get their back foot in position without toe,foot, or ankle pain.

At Results Driven, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve fitness through the fundamental human movements listed above. What movements should you perform? Our process always starts with the Functional Movement Screen. This way, we are able to find out which moves may not be appropriate and find the best entry point for fitness in a safe environment.

Learn more about the fundamental human movements by scheduling a strategy session at Results Driven.

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