Fitness for all! Leg raise to dead lift

You’re buckled up; ready for your first taste of the open road. Your parent is now your passenger. Do they instruct you to take the highway or start on the back roads?

Like your parents, we take your safety seriously at Results Driven Fitness Systems. We know every member starts somewhere and being able to effectively work with anyone, no matter their age or experience, is what sets us apart from any other gym.

Our fitness system starts with the Functional Movement Screen. When it comes to the deadlift, you must first be able to touch your toes and pass the Active Straight Leg Raise portion of the FMS. This is for each members safety. Based on our experience and the experience of many others using the FMS, lacking the ability to meet these two requirements could compromise and persons fitness. People join RD to regain their fitness, so you can see why it’s in our best interest to keep them safe and injury free.

We use corrective strategies like foam rolling (top left) and stability exercises (top right) to pave the way for most people, young and old, to regain their ability to move. When it comes to strength, the deadlift is a  powerful position that has huge implications for the overall fitness of the human body.

Trust the Results Driven System to help you regain this skill and achieve the Results you’re looking for.