Fat Loss Secret Sauce: Three Confidential Ingredients

Unicorns… Jazz Hands… and Glitter-filled Doughnuts!  I’m pretty sure none of these help with fat loss, but they are dripping with flair, which is why I led with them.  Coach Ed here.  Mike does most of our writing and I didn’t want our readers to be disappointed when the remainder of this blog isn’t quite as sassy as you’ve grown accustomed to.  

Everyone that trains at RD is either trying to look, feel, move, and/or perform better.  The vast majority of our members fall at least somewhat into the look better category.  That means most of their goals are centered around fat loss.  We consistently preach that there is no top-secret trick when it comes to dropping body fat.  It takes dedication to the process, a steady dose of resistance training, slowly creeping closer to optimal lean eating, and talking to a coach on a regular basis.  

I am here to tell you that there is a magic bullet… actually three of them.  That’s right, we’ve been lying to all of you.  The secret sauce of fat loss is made up of a foam roll, frozen broccoli, and seltzer.  

I have been talking to RD members a lot about the intricacies of the goal setting process.  In short, you need a long term goal, a short-term goal that compliments your long-term goal, and two process goals to help you achieve your short term goal.  One of my process goals this past week was to workout 4 times.  I was on my way to crushing this goal.  Three good workouts in the books and time scheduled Sunday to get in a forth.  On Sunday morning, I woke up and was sore enough that I knew it would be counter productive to workout.  Rather than skip the forth workout, or force it, I decided to spend twenty minutes foam rolling.  This was the right choice physically, based on how I felt that day, and it helped cement the habit of working out 4 times per week.  Sure, the forth one wasn’t necessarily a “workout,” but I still spent time on something that would help with my workouts the next week.  That feels like a win to me.

My nutrition process goal was to have vegetables in all of my meals. I have three meals per day and 2 shakes.  Unlike Justin Timberlake, I don’t put Spirulina all in my shake… I don’t think it tastes greats… veggie… veggie… veggie.   Sorry, I’m back.  Since I don’t have veggies in my shakes, I make sure to have extra in my three meals.  Sometimes it is tough to predict how much to buy or to know if some of the vegetables will go bad before I have a chance to cook them, so I always try to keep frozen broccoli in the freezer.  At the tail end of last week, if it wasn’t for frozen broccoli, I would have failed miserably at my nutrition focus for the week.  Thank you, my frigid green friend… you are my hero!

Bourbon… I heart you!  As many of you know, I am pretty much an old man.  I like to go home at night and have a glass of bourbon.  All I need is an old robe, reading glasses and some fancy moccasins.  Even though eliminating alcohol isn’t my primary focus right now, I figured that, if I am serious about my fat loss goal, I should probably start to limit how much I drink.  Since having a drink is simply part of my nightly routine, I made sure to keep some seltzer in the house.  I know what you’re thinking… Seltzer?!?!  Man, this guy really knows how to party!  Unfortunately, seltzer isn’t as much fun as bourbon, but I do enjoy it.  Keeping seltzer in the house was a big part of the reason I only had three adult beverages last week.  

So… there it is… those are my fat loss secrets… at least they were last week.  Alright fine, they aren’t really all that ground breaking and they probably won’t help many of you.  I lied again.  There is no such thing as any big secret when it comes to fat loss.  Did I just lie about lying?  YOU CAN’T TRIPLE STAMP A DOUBLE STAMP… YOU CAN’T TRIPLE STAMP A DOUBLE STAMP, LLOYD! 

No matter what your goal is, make sure to set a short-term goal that compliments your overall goal, and will help you build confidence when you achieve it.  Once you have this set, choose two process goals (one on the fitness side of things and another centered around nutrition) and get after it.  The little secret hacks that you find to ensure you reach your weekly process goal are the closest you will ever get to fat loss secret sauce.  

RD's 21-Day Shred is in full swing.  Click the link below to find out more about how our 21-Day Shred can help you!

RD's 21-Day Shred is in full swing.  Click the link below to find out more about how our 21-Day Shred can help you!

HEY FRIEND!  Click here for more info.

HEY FRIEND!  Click here for more info.

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