Are you looking to take the first step towards a healthier you?

Do “regular gyms” intimidate you?

Interested in taking the next step towards strength?

Then this seminar is for you.

     Results Driven provides fitness, strength, and nutrition education for those ready to change their lives! They're given access to proven systems that have helped people of all abilities lay the foundation for a healthier tomorrow. 

Every member's journey starts with assessment. From there, the sky is the limit!


The first key to success is assessment. Through different tools, we gather information to individualize your fitness experience.


  • Safety: We can focus on movement basics appropriate for you.
  • Individualization: Coaches make sure you're moving correctly to maximize each session.
  • Progression: We continue to coach and assess until we check your first movement goal off the list.

Strength training:

In this phase, the more functional you become, the more movement options are available to you. 


  • Strength: Mastering the basics fosters better movement for building strength.
  • Burn Calories: Healthier movement means using more joints and muscles, stoking your metabolism. 
  • Skill Building: At this point, it becomes practice. You have a solid foundation, now you're on the road to bad-assery. 

Ninja Mountain:

When you started we wanted you to be "more functional." Now you are, and the movement catalog is wide open. 


  • Advanced Exercises: Pull-ups, push-ups, heavy deadlifts and squats are on the table. Build muscle and lose fat.
  • Advanced Programming: Advanced programming like "Simple and Sinister" test your aerobic capacity, strength and precision. You burn extra calories and have "fun" doing it.
  • FREEDOM: People this functional can fully express themselves. Climb, run, squat, lift, jump... sky's the limit!

We all started like you...

We’ve all had injuries, felt awkward and wondered, “will this work?”

That’s why we’re so proud of the system we’ve created. We’re actually solving these problems. We’re giving people the tools they need to achieve their goals. Results Driven wants to see you succeed!

This seminar, on October 20th, is a culmination of what Results Driven has learned from the top professionals we trust. People who have worked with professional sports teams, all the way to baby boomers, with great success. Now we’re bringing that knowledge to you. 

We’re doing everything we can to change the way fitness is done in the Monroe-Woodbury area.

There’s nothing like it!

Whether your goal is to burn fat, increase your energy or build muscle, safe, individualized exercise helps lay the foundation for a better tomorrow!

Learn how to take that first step...


The health and fitness industry is flawed...

People want to change, but they're left to scour the internet through pages of information. Then, make their way to the gym feeling awkward and unsure of what they are doing. 

We work with you to answer these questions.

At this seminar, RD's top coaches will answer your questions. Health and fitness isn’t “one-size-fits-all!” It needs to be tailored to each person because we’ve all gone through different struggles that lead us here. Without coaching tailored to you, you’re left to guess what’s right. This leads to frustration and falling short of your goals.

Eliminate the guess work. Between appropriate exercise choices, nutrition counseling and a supportive community, people have lost body fat and gained muscle at Results Driven.

We help our members help themselves to get the results they want and deserve.


Our free seminar is open to those ready to change their lives! See how the Results Driven System helps members reach their goals.

We'll see you October 20th at 7pm

13 Lake St. Monroe NY